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What are the benefits of coming to Church?
30th Dec


What are the benefits of coming to Church?

Bible Reading: Psalm 122: 1

What a day today in the service 30/12/15,  Pastor Victor Olatunji of the New Covenant Church Cheshunt UK again preached  a mind blowing evidence to suggest the importance of keeping an appointment with church services in the coming year 2016.  What do you really benefit, apart from the spiritual upliftment and life changing testimonies heard during church services worldwide each week?

Pastor Victor asked the church to reflect on the benefits accrued to them in seeking God within the church community throughout the year 2015. He suggested he had personally attended most services throughout the year.

Pastor Victor identified one antidote in meeting his personal challenges was in working more for God in 2015. He declared that by serving God more in 2015, record breaking testimonies was experienced personally and within the ministry work.

Pastor Victor is encouraging all to focus more on serving God in multiple folds in 2016. He emphasised the need to make God a priority over personal challenges and situations in 2016.  Focusing on personal challenges and circumstances tends to lead to self-pity and limitations. Self-pity is recommended drug dose from the enemy the devil which has worked time and time again over the ages.  The scripture noted that devil has come to steal and to destroy the Joy of those who determine to serve God John 10:10.

Pastor Victor encouraged all by given some antidote on why it was important to seek to earnestly attend church services in the year 2016. It was not just important to attend, but seek to be part of the church community and volunteer to take part and build the church. He discussed on how we are the church  John 4;23.  Some of the issues that prevent some in becoming part of the church community were highlighted;due to some limiting personal expectations and poor faith. According to Pastor Victor,  It will be better to attend up to two weekly church services in order to defeat the devil and its stronghold in 2016, Romans 10:17,  Rev:12:11.

Reason to seek a church community in the year 2016

There are scientific and statistical evidence to suggest that by going to a church community regularly, one tends to benefit from enhanced physical and spiritual growth. There are widely published research in Norway, America and worldwide views on the benefits of seeking and attendance at a church community on a weekly basis;

  1. Physical Health.

Research have shown that attendance at a church service regularly,  has an influence in lowering your blood pressure and improved health status.

  1. Social Supports. This is known to lower the risks of depression and promotes mental wellbeing.

There are numerous social networks and groups within a church community.

  1. Disciplined and life skills.

Most church goers have positive work ethics and some develop soft skills such as time management. This work ethics are known to be beneficial in the management of work life balance and secular careers.  A disciplined work ethic has been known to reduce deviant behaviours in at risk youths enabling the reductions in violence, substance misuse within the church and local communities.

  1. High Educational Attainments

Church attendees are more likely to seek higher grades in schools and complete their degree programmes. Thereby leading to the reduction in unemployment rates and future financial stability.

  1. Improved life expectancy and positive relationships.

The average church goer have been known to adopt healthier life styles which has a positive impact on their families and significant others in their life. Church goers are more likely to drink less and smoke less which are contributory factors to the public health debate on worldwide life expectance rates now and in the future.

  1. Spiritual benefits.

The central views of most church attendees is that God is the central force within the universe which shapes and focus their life pursuits Heb: 12:2.

Reflection Points:

Although the benefits of going to church is not limited to the above. It is recognised that some deviant behaviours exist within some church communities, however, the discussions on the benefits of attending a church community seems to be more desirable in the longer term.  What do you seek in the year 2016? You are encouraged to keep in touch with a local church community in the year 2016. If you are already attending one, seek to invite a friend or a family member to enjoy the benefits and participation in a local church community in 2016.  Set your expectations high on what God would do through you in the year 2016, Mat 6:33, Do not set your expectations on what the church community should be doing for you in 2016 but on what you could do for the local church community in the year 2016.  What spiritual gifts do you possess? What volunteering role would you consider in your local church community? Someone is waiting to be blessed by you in your local church community in the year 2016.

Prayer Point: 

I want to be rooted and established in your house O God of heaven and earth in the year 2016.  Exodus 34:14.


Dupe Olatunji is a Nurse and Educational Consultant. Her main focus is on writing, parenting and pastoral support within the body of Christ.

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