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Are you seeking Excellence in the year 2016?
23rd Dec


Are you seeking Excellence in the year 2016?

Bible Reading: John 5:19

I enjoyed the privilege to reflect again, during the bible study on the 23/12/15. You really have to be there, to comprehend the message from Pastor Victor Olatunji.  Pastor Victor shared on why it was important to adopt the ‘Spirit of excellence in all ministry work in the coming year 2016’. He gave biblical example of great men who demonstrated the auction to function and the anointing of excellence within their God’s given ministry purpose. Daniel, John, Abraham, Moses, Job, Paul, Jesus Christ were examples of men with Ministry of excellence in the scripture.

Excellent men and women worldwide and over centuries shares in the following characteristics;

  1. They work on themselves in order to improve beyond their current capacities and limitations.
  2. They have great expectations in whatever they do.
  3. They are reflective and willing to engage with their mistakes and adopt the changes required in order to leap forward.
  4. They ensure they replicate themselves by building men and women to adopt similar characteristics.
  5. Excellent men and women attract excellent people who desire to leap forward or those who earnestly seek to better themselves beyond their limitations and capabilities.
  6. Excellent men and women are surely aware of their limitations and develop God’s driven strategies to leap forward.


Reflective Point:

What do you desire in 2016? If no personal goals have been set? Be sure to determine to seek the anointing for excellence in your personal and spiritual journey in the year 2016.  Pastor Victor suggest, this would be more rewarding if you particularly seek spiritual excellence in your pursuits and work for God within the Vineyard in the year 2016.  Brethren, more wisely and favourable to be determined to determine your destination in the year 2016 in the household of faith.


Prayer Point:

God empower me for your work in the year 2016,   John 5:19

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