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Our Services

What you can expect during our services:

  • Clear life-changing teaching on the Scriptures by our Pastoral staff.
  • Music forms an integral part of our service. You can experience joy, healing and upliftment as our Choir sings.
  • One to one counselling, pastoral care and united prayer.
  • Widening your circle of friends and support through our Home Care Fellowships.
  • Tea, Coffee and light refreshments after our Sunday service
  • Awesome presence of God during our night prayer meetings on the last Friday of the month

 CROSSOVER SERVICE 31st Dec 2015 is from 8PM – 1AM

Services at NCC Cheshunt

Sunday Service

10.30am – 1pm

Wednesday Services

7pm – 8.30pm

Youth Services

Every 2nd and 3rd Sundays during normal Church service

Men’s Fellowship

Meet every 3rd Saturday of the month from 8:30am – 9:30am for prayer & fellowship

Women’s Fellowship

Meet every 2nd Saturday of the month from 10:00am – 12am for prayer & fellowship