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Daily declaration for 29th January 2017
29th Jan


Daily declaration for 29th January 2017

Daily declaration for 29th January 2017

He said, “We gave you strict orders not to mention Jesus’ name when you teach. Yet, you’ve filled Jerusalem with your teachings. You want to take revenge on us for putting that man to death.” Acts 5:28

I confess and declare on the 29th day of the year 2017

London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast will be filled with the doctrine of Christ

This year 2017 multitudes of soul will be saved in UK

Many backslidden souls will be drawn back to Church

The light of the GOSPEL will penetrate into every street in UK

Suddenly in this year 2017 the ‘Spirit of Repentance’ will break out in UK

The Spirit of the Lord will come upon Theresa May, her cabinets and our 650 MPs

UK will return to her Christian Heritage

And the glory of the Lord will be seen in everywhere in the UK.

In Jesus name settled

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