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About NCC

NCC Worldwide…

We are a family church with many branches in the UK, Europe, Africa, USA and Asia. The General Overseer is Rev Dr Paul Jinadu. Rev Obafemi Omisade is the National Overseer in the UK. The New Covenant Church UK has over 40 branches spread all over the UK of which NCC Cheshunt, Family Church is a branch.

NCC Cheshunt…

A tabernacle of Praise and where all things are possible with God…’’

New Covenant Church (NCC) Cheshunt, family church is one of the branches of NCC worldwide. We are a growing family church with a commission to spread the gospel of Christ Jesus through the planting of local churches, and to build the church that Jesus Christ is building. New Covenant Church Cheshunt is under NCC Edmonton conference. New Covenant Church Cheshunt aims for its church to be at least 1% of the local population; we also distinctively work towards making a strong spiritual and physical impact in its local community. The Church was launched in September 2007 at Waltham Cross and Cheshunt Conservative Club. To the glory of God the Church was moved to 37 Hatton Road, Cheshunt in May 2011.

NCC (Worldwide) Vision

…”for he is unto us our God and we are unto him, his people”…Hebrews 8:10b

Our global vision, mission, passion and 4 modes of operation are as set out below:

Vision (Worldwide):

We raise people to maturity in Christ and build godly, happy and prosperous families in our vibrant city churches. We help people discover their unique design and equip them in the spirit of excellence to serve effectively within the church and become instruments of change in society, bringing the love of God into our communities and cities and playing a positive role in the life of the nation and globally.

Mission (Worldwide):

We bring people to light and freedom and raise godly and prosperous families.

Our Passion (Worldwide):

  • Helping people discover their purpose in life
  • Empowering people to excel in their service and career
  • Raising leaders in all spheres of life
  • Rediscovering the joy of family life

The 4 modes of operations (Worldwide):

  • Discipleship: One to one follow-up and discipleship of every member of the church, using transferable materials.
  • Cell Groups: Is a small home group that meet weekly for fellowship, prayer and evangelism. The ideal situation is for these groups to grow, multiply and feed the church.
  • Congregation: Coming together on Sunday and mid-week for worship and edification.
  • Celebration: Joint services for all our branches in a given area to celebrate Jesus and make a statement to the world


Should you wish to drop food items, we are open every Wednesday from 7:30pm – 8:15pm and Sundays from 11am – 12:30pm.